About License To Rise

As many of those close to me know, I have always had a fire for girls and women stuck in the shame and guilt they feel around their stories of abuse, assault and all the alleged "grey areas" in between. Just about every woman we know has experienced sexual assault and harassment in one way or another, but few of them have ever felt safe to share their stories with anyone. What an amazing time we're in where so many are coming forward with their stories. But this option is just not the case for many others.

Many people, women and men, don't want to tell the world what happened to them, so to not have those who love them reel from pain and devastation. Grandparents, parents, brothers, sisters, children. And for others, out of fear of their own communities ostracizing them, blaming them, shaming them, and for some, fear of far more violent repercussions. "Voice" will be where we finally get to share our stories - Anonymously. Anonymity is 100% ok, dear friend. You sharing YOUR story, is for your freedom - and truly, for many of those who read it.

License To Rise was created as an online platform where women come to give themselves the Permission to rise above any and every violation they have experienced in the past. A place to be encouraged, uplifted and reminded of their voice.

How? License To Rise has four components: Voice, Light, A Hand and Community

By anonymously sharing their stories, seeing the stories of others like themselves, consuming life-giving content, and engaging in community, License To Rise exists for us all.  The intent is to spread the word like wildfire and reach as many women as possible. Feel the light. Break the shame. Burn the guilt. Release the story. Live Healed, Strong, Joyful and Free. #LicenseToRise


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About Patricia Isaac

As a shy, imaginative young girl, Patricia often felt like she was on the outside - as though she didn’t quite fit into any one group in particular. As she grew up, although a seeming extroverted, her feelings stayed the same. She always had an eye for people like herself. People who for whatever reason felt “on the outside”. Her protective nature, old soul, and the fact that she was always the tallest kid, seemed to draw people to her for advice, protection, encouragement, strength and even strategy. 

Through University, working a corporate career in the tech industry and then eventually allowing herself to give into her true love, the life and eventual career as an artist - Patricia has consistently been involved in her community. From working closely with people for the inner-city Church of Mustard Seed (Edmonton, AB), the Seniors Alzheimer and Dementia unit at the Misericordia Community Hospital (Edmonton, AB), Big Sisters of BC (Vancouver, BC); to speaking at Living Extraordinary (Vancouver, BC), and at battered women’s shelters in Los Angeles, about breaking shame and walking tall; to producing a film on the effects of shaming in the South Asian community, and creating Project Be the Change (Vancouver, BC) - a hands on organization that filled varying community needs every other month. License to Rise was created out of deep inspiration and a passion for empowering those who need a hand seeing their own light.


About Andrea Drepaul
Social Media Content Director

From an early age Andrea understood what it meant to be uniquely different.  As a child from “The wrong side of the tracks” she was ambitious, observant, and had a deep desire to understand human behavior.   As she grew up she began to embrace her differences and use them to launch her forward, with tenacity and drive to create a meaningful life and a fire to reach the top of her field.  This has always propelled people to her, looking to her for wisdom, a safe ear to listen and provide support for the pursuance of their dreams. Andrea has always taken the unconventional path towards her hearts deepest truths. She was the first woman to attend University in her family. Upon completion she discovered that her true passion was performance and art and has spent 10 years in the Television industry, committed to breaking barriers for woman. She is a woman who holds many dreams, but in her core she has a desire to empower people to stand in their truth and rise up and through to their greatness.

“Everybody has darkness inside them. But, the truth of a person's character and spirit can be seen by how much light shines through their darkness.” ~ Andrea Drepaul